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GoGo’s £500 Pizza

About this project

Graphic design

Technology: Photoshop

Designer: Alek

GoGo Pizza has over 100 branches, predominantly in the South East of England. Company directors are always full of ideas and we have been working together to design various promotional items such as posters, menus, newsletters etc. This time it was a risky move to offer £500 Gold Pizza to the public.

The Job

Our client came up with a £500 pizza idea. Our job was to create a full set of graphic materials to put this idea into print & web.

The Solution

We've created a menu design that was all about £500 pizza. Social media posts & posters were also designed as part of this project. Overall this campaign had a massive effect with lots of mentions in local newspapers and social networks.

  • Menu Mockup

    Menu Mockup
  • Inside the menu

    Inside the menu
  • One of social media posts

    One of social media posts
  • Gold Pizza poster

    Gold Pizza poster
  • Gold Pizza poster

    Gold Pizza poster

The Result

Gold pizza campaign was covered by a number of UK newspapers as well as multiple Twitter posts. It went viral and brought a lot of publicity..

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