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Football Betting Machine

About this project

Website design

Technology: PHP + .net

Designer: Alek

Football betting machine is not a betting website. It's a subscription based website that does game predictions based on historic data.

The Job

Our client has developed an Excel based model that is using Betfair statistics to predict future games outcome. Our job was to build a subscription based website that would allow people get score predictions by inputing required data.

The Solution

We've created a bespoke design which is fully responsive for mobile and tablet use. Website has been built using PHP and we are using .NET to allow real time communication with the Excel file. It is all hosted on a Windows VPN.

  • Frontend

  • Football Betting Machine

    Football Betting Machine
  • Join Us

    Join Us
  • The Machine

    The Machine
  • Your Account

    Your Account

The Result

A fully working subscription based website that allows our client to monetise his unique formula and make it available to football fans worldwide.

Responsive Design

Using the Machine on mobile is not a problem thanks to a fully responsive design. Website automatically adjusts to any screen size.

Responsive Design
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